Predrag Pejanovic – Level 3 NCCP coach

Predrag was introduced to the Toronto Golden Jets by head coach and mentor George Gross Jr, in 2010. He has coached U12, U14, U16 and U19 teams becoming age group head coach in 2014. During this time, his teams won gold at the Canadian Eastern National Championships , gold and three silver medals at Ontario provincial championships.

With seven years’ experience coaching water polo at various levels of athletic development, Predrag is a team player with expertise in providing technical, strategic, physical, and mental direction to athletes. He has extensive experience coaching at provincial and national levels

Predrag has a strong belief in the long-term athletic development program, which considers the best interests of the athlete over an entire career and not just the short term age group results.

Predrag’s water polo career started in 1977 with VK Zale in the former Yugoslavia and specifically in the beautiful village of Igrane on the Adriatic coast in what is now known as Croatia. In 1984 he was one of the founders of VK Bosna in the Olympic city of Sarajevo. With VK Bosna, he played in the former Yugoslavian second division championship. He was a team captain and then later became a coach