The Toronto Golden Jets’ Academy program is for novice players, aged 6-12, and is designed to allow these new players to follow a progression of skills acquisition over time. Players will “graduate” from level to level after they fully complete all the skills at a particular level. Academy offers two memberships: once per week on Saturdays 1:30-3 and twice per week with the addition of Sundays 5:00pm-6:30pm at the University of Toronto Athletic Centre. Proficient swimmers under 7 and beginner swimmers above 12 are also welcome to join as exceptions.

Each player will receive instruction on a specific skill set throughout Year 1. He or she will be tested and provided with feedback throughout the year. Those meeting the expected standard of performance will move on to the next set of skills. Any players who need extra training will be given additional instruction and practice in order to pass the tests and move on. Players will accumulate Golden Jets Level Awards each year. The early years will focus on individual skills and body positioning in the water while later years will also include strategy and game understanding.

The Academy is led by international water polo authority, Slobodan Stojanovic. Slobodan gained his knowledge of water polo instruction for age group players under the tutelage of Zoran Gobcevic, Nenad Manojlovic, Petar Kovacevic and Nenad Vasilevski (all national level coaches in the Serbian system). Slobodan will be joined by several assistant instructors who are all accredited water polo coaches with the Coaching Association of Canada. Generally these instructors will be players on the University of Toronto and Golden Jets senior teams and will have trained under club Head Coach and two-time Olympian, George Gross, Jr.