..Our son joined the Toronto Golden Jets this year and it has been a wonderful experience for him. The club is welcoming, supportive of its players and the training is rigorous. My son’s fitness level has soared this year and he is already looking forward to his next few years training and playing with the Jets. We cannot say enough positive things about this club — and water polo is an incredible sport!..
Tanya F, parent of U14 team palyer

“…As a parent of two boys who are athletes with the Toronto Golden Jets, I can attest to the fact that this is a club whose interest in their athletes goes beyond the pool! The concern and guidance of the coaches helps each athlete realize their personal maximum potential. The Toronto Golden Jets is a “Family Club” whose athletes, coaches (and families of the athletes) all work relentlessly hard to achieve excellence without sacrificing the athletes’ joy in taking part in the sport. Finally, two terms I would use to describe water polo would be, a highly disciplined and a team sport — qualities that every athlete can later use in his or her personal and professional life…”
Kiki Papalazarou, parent of U14 team player

“…This club has amazing team spirit. When he started, my 14 year old son had no experience either on a swim team or playing water polo. He loved how he was welcomed by the other kids and coaches. They took him under their wings, taught him and pushed him to do his best. He is now in the best shape he has ever been, made great friends, is dedicated to his team and has a passion for water polo… “
Astrid, parent of U14 team player